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Embroidered 19 (Levi x Reader) AU
"Levi, do you mind telling me where we're going?" You asked walking up to speed with him. You leaned closer to him, eyebrows furrowed in concern. There was tension in the air as you neared the exit of the carnival. 
"Somewhere private." He muttered quickly. The irritation was written all over his face. You fell back to your original spot, right beside Eren, who was unusually quiet. It made you nervous how all of their demeanors changed. Once being happy and laughing and shoving cotton candy in each other's faces to one of seriousness and attentive of their surroundings. Something dangerous was brewing, and Levi wasn't planning on telling you what it was either.
You watched your boyfriend from afar as he reached into his pocket and fished out his phone. He spoke lowly  to a point where it frightened you. His shoulders tensed with uneasiness as he picked up his walking pace. You and the others practically had to jog just to keep up with him. Eld, Gunther and Auruo quickened the
:iconlevisbooty:Levisbooty 14 4
Monster (LevixReader)
 Please listen as you read :  [link] Note: PTSD and depression
It had been five years since the titans were defeated, and three since the walls have been broken down. You were a mere herb shop owner in the aftermath of the new found freedom that somehow found a way to be humanity's strongest's significant other. It started out with little visits every once in a while. And then it became every three months to every two weeks. Then every two weeks became everyday.  
 At first he started out getting a few boxes of tea leaves and aloe-vera stalks for medicine and soaps. You had caught on to what the valued captain was doing. Four boxes of tea leaves should last him at least two months, but he somehow claimed that some of his boxes got stolen from some of his cadets. It was cute that he couldn't think of at least a decent lie to come and see you. Levi would sometimes meet you there before you op
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Sweet Insanity 6 [LevixReaderxYandere!Reiner AU]
     Hands down, last night was one of the best nights I've experienced since I moved to Chicago. Now don't take that the wrong way. I have standards. Anyway, I didn't even have a nightmare...or not one that I can recall. Levi, believe it or not, is a dork. But he's a cute dork...with a potty mouth.
   It was supposed to be just a friendly little evening out but you know...when you have that one best friend that will follow you around like a lost puppy, it's very hard to enjoy it. It was so awkward in other words. Ronii kept 'shipping' us together and talking about kids and weddings. I mean come on dude, I just met the guy this morning. But to top it all off, he dropped me off at home * with Ronii snoring in the back seat* and asked if we could hang out again. Then made some corny joke about dating models before he started stuttering...and blushing. UGH! He was so cute. 
And here I am fangirling over this extremely attractive guy that I literal
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Of Angels and Demons 7 (LevixReaderxEren)
 How long had it been since Eren had fought like this? Holding on to his last thread of life as he was thrown into a boulder with just a flick of the wrist. Why did he think that he could take on a demon so strong? His superior who had taught him the way of being a guardian angel...his friend. The one who showed him how to not only use his wings as weapons but as protection. He had fallen...his wings were no longer pure white but as black as his heart.  
"You're 'bout as weak as the last time I kicked your sorry ass. Oh well, less of a fight for me."   
Eren was then picked up by the back of his shirt and kicked further away from the open farmers market. People began to crowd in the distance wondering what was causing all the noise. 
"What was that?" 
"That was over by Manu's kiosk." 
The wandering voices of the people grew louder as the neared the battle.
"No need for humans to interfere in a supernatural spat Jaeger. Besides, after I kill
:iconlevisbooty:Levisbooty 17 4
Of Angels and Demons 6 [LevixReaderxEren]
Eren's P.O.V   
It was starting to drizzle out here. The closer I got to the farmer's market the more...uneasy I felt. Something just isn't right here. There's something...sinister that's stirring up the air. I can sense [Name]'s presence; she's definitely here. But I can't stop fighting off the feeling that there's an unwavering presence.Especially one that's this strong. I turned the corner and headed towards the kiosk that [Name] always goes to only to find it...empty? No one was standing here and in all my years of guarding [Name] this is the one she always goes to, The fresh fruit kiosk. 
"You're a shitty guardian." 
That voice...that voice that I knew so well.  
"How nice to finally see your human form demon." I called out. He hopped up onto one of the bar stools and turned his demonic gaze towards me.
"Tch. You know. You angels are all bark and no bite. You wanna know how I know? Because your mother is or rather was the s
:iconlevisbooty:Levisbooty 21 8
Sweet Insanity 5 [LevixReaderxYandere!Reiner AU]
 The heat of the bright lights were beginning to burn my skin...and this damned fan wasn't helping either. And standing as tall as I possibly could in heels were beginning to take a toll on my back and feet too.
"Hang in there [Name] we're almost finished." Petra cooed snapping a couple more pictures. I huffed silently before I saw Erwin in the distance next to Levi giving me a thumbs up. Levi stared at me obviously trying his best not to gawk at me. He's being to damned cute for his own good. I'm definitely going to talk to Ronii about this cousin of hers. 
"Alright [Name]! It's a wrap!" Mike shouted over. The flashes of the camera and videos stopped immediately and I finally got to release the breath that I was holding and made my way over to my robe. Ronii made her way over to Levi and Erwin. All three of them huddled together and whispering. Ronii would occasionally glance up at me before diving her head back into the conversation. I squint my eyes at them in suspicion be
:iconlevisbooty:Levisbooty 16 2
Of Angels and Demons 5 [LevixReaderxEren]
The pain was overwhelming until it eventually grew numb. Have you ever felt something so painful that it almost took your breath away before it became nothing but a numbed throb? That is what was currently happening to my face. I let out a sniffle, scrambling my hands around to find support. I heaved myself up and took a deep breath looking at myself in the mirror. The handprint... It was going across my face and in the same damned spot. Everything began to feel heavy. My heart felt like it was about to implode and my legs began to feel weak. It's just.. I feel really freaked out right now. I lifted a trembling hand to my cheek and brushed lightly over the handprint. I should've never went in there. I should've never went with Eren and the others. I could've stayed at home and watched a movie or something, anything but doing what I've done last night. 
   The Demon's Den is just an old myth. It's not real...It's not real. I'm probably dreaming....yeah! Just dreaming. I'm
:iconlevisbooty:Levisbooty 24 1
Chicken Nugget (Reader x Levi) AU!
You're my honey bun
sugar plum 
pumpy- umpy- umpkin- 
You're my sweety pie 
You're my cuppy cake 
Shnookums bookum's You're 
The apple of my eye 
"[NAME] SHUT.THE.FUCK.UP." Levi grumbled lowly. You only giggled and stretched your back over his slumped figure and sang louder. 
"AND I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU SO AND I'LL ALWAYS BE RIGHT HERE-oomph! Levi! That fuckin' hurt!" Your hand made it's way to your hip bone that was starting to slowly throb. 
"Your singing fuckin' hurts." A let out a huff and stood up, achy bones cracking in the process. He looked at your figure lying comfortably on his carpet in an awkward position. Being your everyday goofy self, you shot him one of the weirdest faces you could come with, in which he grimaced and turned away from you. 
"You're so weird." 
"But you asked me out anyway....I'm hungry." 
"[Name] you just at
:iconlevisbooty:Levisbooty 98 34
Mature content
Rollercoasters (LevixReader AU) :iconlevisbooty:Levisbooty 64 12
 What do you want to be for Halloween?? 
October 23, 2003 
"Hey Levi? What are you going to be for Halloween?" You ask while trying desperately to color your picture inside the lines. 
"Mmm...I don't know yet. I wanted to be a ninja but my mommy said that I'll look more like a Batman."
"You should be a ninja." 
"What do you want to be for Halloween [Name]?" 
"Hmm.... I'm tired of dressing up as a princess...HEY! Maybe we could be ninja's together. And we can ninja jump rooftop to rooftop with giant bags of candy- pass the purple  crayon please?" 
Levi smiled at your wild imagination ,but in the eyes of a six year old, majority of the  wildest things they imagine can come true. 
"Hi [Name] and Levi...can me and Hanji sit with you?" The ginger haired girl from the playground asked, with her natural beet red baby blush  on her cheeks. 
"Yeah! You can sit with me and Levi! Levi share your crayons." You exclaim
:iconlevisbooty:Levisbooty 41 15
Levi's cup :iconlevisbooty:Levisbooty 6 1
So I have been tempted to write a super fluffy and ultra cute fluff series based off of me and my BFF( the stupid bastard who placed me in the friend-zone) childhood memories...minus the friend-zone parts.......... 
September 9, 2003  
It was your first day of first grade in a new school. Your mother thought that it was best to send you to another school that in her eyes 'had the best education benefits'. But in yours, it was hell. You were leaving all of your kindergarten buddies behind. Who were you going to share your nutty-buddy with or split that delicious chocolate wonderball (that your mother made sure you had a lifetime supply of)?
You stared out at the huge playground of your other snot-nosed classmates and 'the big kids' hanging out by the wall playing hacky sack. Joyful laughs, yells and giggles filled your ears and a ginger haired girl and her brunette friend with rather big glasses in your class beckoned you to come and play 'Bakery shop' with them. You shook you
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Embroidered 18 [LevixReader AU]
"Levi, we need you and your squad to act as bait and lead the female titan into a dead end. Hanji, Mike, and Nanaba will open fire once we get her in position." 
"Exactly when do you plan on executing your decision Erwin?" 
"...The Trost Carnival is a very important-" 
"Fuck no." 
"Shut it Mike, I thought I told you before hand that I had plans that day."
"Levi, there are innocent people that are in potential danger-" 
"Yeah, but my girlfriend isn't going to be one of them." 
"Then do it for her sake Levi." Hanji intercepted. She knew as well as he did that you spending the night away with him was a dream come true...but, a dream that could possibly end with your untimely demise. A price was on your head, as well as the many gang leaders of The Legion. You, Levi, Mike, Hanji, all of your friends, were in a dead pool. Based on passed history with the Titans, the colossal, Armored, and
:iconlevisbooty:Levisbooty 46 14
Of Angels and Demons [LevixReaderxEren AU] 4
There's something creeping in the shadows, but do you see it first or does it see you?  

     It's lurking amongst your frail body, but you do not even seem to flinch or move.  
                You sit there awaiting a fate that is fatal, you have no clue what is to come.  
                     The door squeaks and you hear someone moving, but you can't see where it's coming from.  
                            Angered and hungry, it comes from behind you, with arms reaching toward you as your scream fills the night.  
:iconlevisbooty:Levisbooty 25 5
LEVI!!!!!!!! :iconlevisbooty:Levisbooty 52 15
Mature content
Detention [Student!LevixStudent!Reader AU] :iconlevisbooty:Levisbooty 173 46

Random Favourites

Levi Ackerman _Attack on Titan :iconsiricc:SiriCC 527 55
Bad Dog | Levi x Reader |
life was great for Levi living in a new apartment with his girlfriend of 3 years, days where spent with playful bickering and teasing and their afternoons where spent cuddling on the couch with a few occasional arguments mainly over their new dog which Levi one did not like because it shits all over the house and two _____ is giving it too much affection, but those arguments usually ended with nightly makeup sex, yep life was good, Levi could feel his girlfriend stringing beside him which was a little surprising seeing as she sleeps like a log and doesn't wake up till like 3 none the less Levi wrapped his arm around her bringing her closer to him know suddenly Levi began to feel wet licks against his neck he smirked to himself "mhm, you're not usually this rowdy in the morning _____" Levi chuckled enjoying the sensation on his neck know it felt a little ticklish but he enjoyed it "dammit brat you're making me horny and it's not even 8 yet" Levi still half asleep kissed his girlfriend r
:iconwolfsrain166:wolfsrain166 39 9
Pediatrician!Reader x Father!Levi: Lovely Remedy 9
Chapter 9. Selfish
"We need to talk."
You halted midway with one hand reaching over the surface of your cherry wood desk, a pen barely at your fingertip's reach.
Her arrival was sudden and unexpected as was her voice when she emphasized,
"We need to talk."
Ymir was dead serious, and when you finally looked up, you realized that that you were staring into bloodshot, baggy eyes that could kill on-the-spot. You suddenly regretted every patient interaction Ymir had today, wishing you had noticed her appearance sooner.
"Is this about what happened yesterday?" you asked with concern.
Ymir nodded and then stood up straight. "I'll meet you at the cafeteria for lunch then?"
"Yeah," you said somewhat hesitantly. It was hard to tell if Ymir was studying you for a more affirmative "yes," but she seemed to accept your rinky-dinky answer. She left as quickly as she arrived, like a fleeting moment almost. Seconds of silence passed before you finally reached again for that pen.
Was it really so
:iconsmexyvibutt:SmexyViButt 88 89
Mature content
Group of Levi Pictures 5 :iconalioness-w-noregrets:ALioness-w-NoRegrets 35 63
Only For You (Atheist!Levi X Christian!Reader) AU
~A/N: Listen As You Read! ~
    He wouldn't exactly identify the building as a grand one that looked as if it were from the medieval days, it looked more like a rented out storage place with a new paint job and about twenty overly-happy people standing at the entrance to greet you when you stepped foot in the place with their large grins and high-pitched voices. He could've sworn he was about one step closer to turning and walking back to the car if someone handed him a pamphlet to the next worship, or gathering, or whatever it was, or even if someone welcomed him and got too close. Yet, you had your arm hooked with his since you absolutely knew he was like a dog with thunder, and he'd run away if it got too chaotic when it came to social groups, so you wouldn't let him move besides walking by your side towards the building.
    "To be honest, I don't understand why I have to be here," he muttered under his breath a
:icongreystream:Greystream 102 77
Apology from an Introvert
Forgive me if I'm unnecessarily wary of you.
It's necessary for me.
:iconsmexyvibutt:SmexyViButt 36 27
Mature content
His [Levi x reader] (Attack on Titan) :iconsky-midnight:sky-midnight 98 6
operation merry birthmas | b-dayboy!levi x reader
With the permission of Commander Erwin, Eren, Armin and you were aloud into a secret library deep in Wall Sina where you discovered the magic of Christmas. You didn't really know much about it until you had found a book that had every single tradition and holiday known to man with a full description. It was 'hella heavy' according to Eren, and the first place you opened it up to was something called "Christmas" that Christians celebrated on the day of some random guy named Jesus. There was also this weird big guy who broke into the privacy of your home and placed gifts around a tree that you had to embellish in ornaments. Creepy. You weren't particularly interested on who "Jesus" was just the presents and the decorations and oh gosh the food.
"So what day is it on?" Eren questioned,peering over Armin's and I's shoulder.
"Uh, it says here...December 25." Armin replied.
"Hey, isn't that Levi's birthday?" You blurted, and then proceeded to cover your mouth.
"[f/n]..." Armin looked nervous
:iconsobersenpai:sobersenpai 43 11
Master!Levi X Maid!Reader - [One Shot - AU]
I stared at the cup of tea I had to prepare with a thoughtful expression on my face. Vapor escaped from the warm and dark liquid, I worked here for a few mouths and I was still not used to serve him all the days. However, since I needed money, I had no choice, I had started to work as a maid for the rich owner of this manor, Levi Ackerman. It was not easy to be around him since he always talked harshly and rudely to all his maids and butlers. But strangely, even if I was not used to work as a maid, I was used to him. The way his cold, emotionless and impassive blue-grey eyes met mine always made me blush a little bit. I did not think I had any romantic feelings towards him, to me, it was just attraction. Love and attraction were not the same thing, there was a huge difference between loving someone and feeling a certain attirance towards this person due to his attractive physique.
I sighed. Inwardly, I knew it was not only his appearance that I liked about him. The way he acted was als
:iconweemelia:Weemelia 130 24
Pediatrician!Reader x Father!Levi: Lovely Remedy 5
Chapter 5. A human of many flaws
If insecurities came in waves (which they do), then it'd be high tide for you right now. What bout of confidence or maybe even arrogance made you think that you could ever be someone's happiness? Honestly, you had written yourself off as a bother or perhaps an annoyance if someone ever got to know you too well.
Keeping others outside of that personal box of yours kept you safer from hurt. That was the current philosophy you had adopted because so far, it had seemed to work. The relationship between you and Levi was satisfactory. It was balanced.
But right now, it felt like something was tipping that perfect balance. Maybe it was the weight you gained from that extra slice of pizza the other night. Or maybe it was because a small part of you now wondered why you had felt so stupidly happy to be important in Levi's life.
You knew what this meant. You wanted more, but you also knew what it felt like to have a one-sided concern for someone else and h
:iconsmexyvibutt:SmexyViButt 102 107
Frank - Levi x Reader
Levi x Reader - Frank
Okay Ima lay down a sweet rhyme for ya…
Levi sittin by his table doing some work
Then he got the sudden urge to twerk
So he got up and sook that ass
So much he forgot he was standin infront of see through glass
And so one cadet did see his moves
And decided she wanted to threw off his groove
So she ran to his office and let herself in
A said to his face havin an ass that good is a sin….
Now on to the story…
Uhh Why? Why must I always have to pick up after the military polices shitty mistakes?
I walk down the streets of wall roses main city, shitty police and there shitty corruption making my day even shiter.
I let out a huff of air as I get closer to the docks. I recently picked up on a plan within the branch to shake down some merchants for money so basically, corruption at its fucken finest.
Of course I’m alone everyone else is either payed off or scared shitless, me on the other hand oh no you would have had to crawl
:iconpewtobustepha:pewtobustepha 41 29
Sanctuary (Demon!Levi X Servant!Reader) AU
~A/N: Listen As You Read! ~
    Every nerve of his had been lit up as if they were the equivalent of a decorated holiday tree, breaths seeping out into the chilly air and wisps dissipating into the atmosphere as the lengthy jacket he wore brushed against the back of his knees. Clenching his jaw tightly, his ashen silver hues followed the figure that seemed to hover elegantly over the velvet carpet splayed across the floor, despite her charcoal heels clicking precisely against the soft surface, leaving a small indent of her presence in the rug. She wore an onyx-black dress that hugged her sides in a way that left a satisfied smirk adorning his peach-tinted lips before it fluttered out into an exquisite flair, one that made her seem as if she were royalty despite her unruly locks draped over her features in a way that looked quite purposefully done. As she paced back and forth impatiently, towards the fireplace where the f
:icongreystream:Greystream 217 21
Attack on Titan- Levi x Tall!Reader - Don't Change
Attack on Titan [Shingeki no Kyojin]
Levi x Tall!Reader
Don't Change
For :iconHatake75:
Giving you the phone was a mistake I couldn't have prevented.
You've got me sitting on this hardwood floor, with nothing but the clothes on my back and a pain in my ass. Judging by the clock on the wall, you've been in our room for about forty-five minutes. I can't hear what you're up to in there, but I know that silence in our house doesn't equal serenity. Your phone had rang nearly an hour ago and I had answered it, since you were in the kitchen at the time. The guy on the other end claimed he was a coworker and said he wanted to wish you a happy birthday. Thinking nothing of it, asking no further questions, I handed it over. Now, you're sulking because whoever was on the phone said something to hurt you and I'm sitting outside the door waiting for you to unlock it.
Normally, I hate people who snoop around for details on the past. You neve
:iconredsharkrocker18:RedSharkRocker18 46 13
LeviXReader - A Lullaby When I Die
LeviXReader – A Lullaby When I Die
“Sing me into my endless sleep, for your song of life is all I want to dream about,”
Can I tell you a story? It’s about someone I love. He is old, and grumpy, but I love him. He is different, a freak, strange and cruel but I still love him.
He has a way with words that causes me to laugh or cry, but nonetheless he is important to me. This is a story of how I die, and the love of my life, who sang me a lullaby.

“(Name), pass me those papers,” I quickly glanced at said inked sheets, “Now, please,”
“Just a second, Levi,” I told him, “I’m busy too, ya know,” He acted like I wasn’t the one flooded with paper work right now.
I could just imagine the eye roll he’s giving me, along with the familiar sound of disgust while I made him wait. He could be so troublesome, like a small child who kept bugging
:iconkay-love-pain17:Kay-Love-Pain17 39 7
Teacup [Levi x reader]
You wanted to bring Levi his beloved tea so he could take a small break from his paper work, but little did you know that he wasn’t even in his office as you knocked on the door.
No response.  
Another knocking. And again, nothing.
„Tch. Brat, move. “ You heard the ever so familiar voice of the Lance Corporal right behind you and you froze in your movements. The tea cup you had held in your hands, slipped from your fingers and landed on the floor, pieces of the china slithering all over the place and the steaming liquid, black tea, spilled all over the floor and the door in front of you.  
“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” you muttered under your breath, quickly scurrying out of the way for the Corporal, hasty picking up the broken pieces.
A scowl was now visible on Levi’s face as he watched you and a growl slipped over his lips. “Clean up that fucking mess, cadet. Cleaning duty in the kitchen the rest of the week for you.” With those words h
:iconkeiicchii:keiicchii 76 21
Levi x Reader |Taking a Break| AU
If you had to sum today up, you'd most likely say it was a never ending quest for it to be over. Or more specifically, your shift. Either would be beautiful salvation in your eyes.
The customers must enjoy being obnoxious and outlandish - you had to hand it to them, it must take talent to transcend the levels of annoyance into downright infuriating irritation. Why did they keep asking about a secret menu? That menu certainly must be a secret if you didn't know about it.
There was a pounding in your feet, a signal of how badly they were aching. Wearing heels today was now on your top ten list of most idiotic ideas you've had. Number one being getting this job.
'This has to be the longest day of my life,' You think, not daring to say it out loud. Your hellish boss, Jerry, would glare you down otherwise. That was not a lot of fun. To make it even better, he treated it as if it were a roast, and would dryly point out mistakes you had made your entire career. How the hell did he ev
:iconattackonfanfiction:Attackonfanfiction 241 58



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Okay, so recently, I've been seeing a lot of deviants getting their accounts suspended and their Lemony- Lime  fanfics deleted. And it's actually kind of stupid that this is happening since DA has a friggin setting for fanfics of that nature and the authors are generous enough to tell some of these stupid peopleWhat did you just said?  who obviously get offended that it's MATURE RATING: READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!  
ASDFGHJKL It's kind of pissing me off since 99% of my watchers love some good SNK Lemon- Lovin'. And because of these dumbass people who can't frickin read the sexual contents label and the gosh darned bold print at the beginning of the story, it's a struggle to find those really good ones. SOOOO in conclusion my fabulous little beasts Flynn: ... hi!  , I am giving out my account name on soon as I can remember which one I use for my SNK fanfics...Stitch is Sorry plz 



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