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'She's coming back home!' 
   'I can't wait to see her!' 
     'I should make her favorite dessert' 

The raven-haired man slipped between his children who were scrubbing away at the walls. Mikasa was coming home for summer vacation and of course, the house had to be perfect! Levi was ecstatic to hear that his precious baby girl was coming home, although he didn't show it. But you knew how frantic he was. He'd been piling on chores on your sets of twins since she called the week before she got out. It's been three years already and she was going to be a senior starting in August. The thought of your oldest baby finally leaving the nest bought tears of joy to your eyes and also the sudden realization that you and Levi were beginning to be 'well seasoned'. You were starting to get gray hairs and dying them was out of the question. But in order to keep your 'Awesome Mom' title ( which you received from your kids friends) you had to step it up. You were currently in Mikasa's room, placing new sheets on her bed while Levi entered and started sweeping the floor. 

"Babe, I need you to move your feet." He grumbled, lightly nudging you. You complied and stepped to the side with a smile on your face. 

"Levi, I can't wait until she gets here! She's growing up so fast! I can see it already! Her walking down the aisle in her beautiful gown-" 

"Oi, I hope you're talking about her going down the aisle in her graduation gown. If she thinks that she going to marry that Jaeger boy, she can forget it." 

A sigh escaped your lips as you rolled your eyes, setting the pillow cases on the bed. "Levi, why won't you give that boy a chance? You treat him like a dog. You don't even treat Reiner like that." 

"Christa can forget marrying Reiner too."  

"Levi, Christa has prom and graduation on her mind this year. Marriage is far from even being called a thought. But that's beside the point. I know you and Mikasa have been working on your relationship since the incident, but you know what would make her really happy?" 

"Sending Jean off to military school?"  

"You wouldn't dare send my baby out there," You threatened, sending Levi a death glare," But anyway, it would make her really happy, if her father would accept her feelings for her boyfriend." 

"I'd rather accept getting my spine ripped out." You sighed heavily, tossing the pillow case at his face and gave up on the topic. 

"I'll go get dinner started." You say, slowly exiting the room.

"I have plans for dessert, so don't worry about it."  And with that you left. 

Levi stood there, thinking about your words. He's always made his daughters happy. He gave them everything that they could ever want. But asking him to accept his daughters boyfriends was not one of the things he was going to give. Ever since the day he met Eren, he's never taken a liking to him. He respected him for his determination, but no one messes with the Ackerman daughters. His girls were his pride and joy and them getting married was worst than getting your legs amputated without anesthesia, at least Levi thought . 'Mikasa Jaeger....fuck no!' Levi thought as he grimaced in disgust at the thought. But seeing as to how his conscience liked to spite him it gave him another thought....grandchildren. 

"Tch. Like hell." He grumbled. 

Christa and Marco were setting up the table for dinner while Armin and Jean helped Levi add the finishing touches on the dessert.  And to everyone's surprise, the doorbell rang. In a hot rush, Levi raced to the front door but you had beat him to it. 

"MIKKI!!!" You squealed and engulfed her in a tight hug. Levi felt the tips of his lips pull at the sight of his daughter, but quickly fell as he spotted someone else at the door. 

"Jaeger." Levi stated in a low almost demonic voice. 

"H-h-h-h-hell-l-lo M-Mr. a-a-and M-mrs. Ackerman." Eren stuttered walking in slowly with his and Mikasa's suitcases.  

"Oh Eren, it's so good to see you!" You say, giving him a tight hug too. You looked at his face that was etched out of utter fear as he stared at Mr. Ackerman. Levi's deadly glare was enough to make the Devil cry and poor Eren just wanted to hide in the darkest corner known to man.

"Levi! Stop being rude and say hi." You ordered, only to receive his infamous 'tch'. 

"Hi daddy." Mikasa gleamed with a wide smile. He broke his glare to smile back at his baby girl and engulfed her in hug, before continuing to telekinetically try to melt Eren's eyes. 

'Oh this is going to be a long night...' You thought as you mentally face palmed.


The dinner table was silent. The tension in the air was so thick that you could cut it with a sashimi knife. It was an awkward silence for you and your children, but it sounded like a funeral bell was ringing to Eren. You sucked in a sharp breath, deciding to break the silence. 

"So Eren...what uh...what are your plans for your senior year?"  You asked in a sweet voice. Eren looked at you nervously before he gulped audibly.
"W-w-well, I uh, I'm continuing to study chemical engineering and going into business." 

"Oh really? That sounds nice-" 

"So you can take on your father's shitty business?" Levi stated instead of asked. 




 Eren sighed in defeat. Every time he tried to get on Levi's good side it always backfires on him. But not tonight ,no. He was going to do something or rather say something that was ultimately going to win Levi's full respect. 

"Sir," He started, " I do plan on taking my father's position as C.E.O, of his company." He said adding a heavy emphasis on company. Eren's sudden change in demeanor caused Levi to raise a brow and your children to exchange confused glances amongst each other. Even you and Mikasa looked at the drastic change. From a nervous little school girl, to brave young man with confidence that skyrocketed to the moon and beyond.

"And, I also hope that as I take the position, Mikasa would be by my my wife." 

A series of gasps erupted the throughout the house. Everyone's eyes widened, but Levi's looked as though his would pop out his skull. 

"E-E-Eren what are you-" 

"Mikasa, I've known you since grade school. You were there for me when I wasn't at my best. You were there for me when everyone else gave up on me. And you stayed with me despite the fact that your father doesn't necessarily like me. I don't know where the hell I'd be if it wasn't for you.  I love you with all my being. From kindergarten, middle school, highschool, and now college, I never took the time to realize all the bullshit I put you through. But after all that you still love me. And I hope that you'd continue to love me." 

"Oh Eren-" 

She paused with tears in her eyes and watched as the man propped himself up on one knee. 

"Mikasa Ackerman...will you marry me?"  

"YES!! YES!! A thousand times yes!!" She exclaimed happily as Eren placed the engagement ring on his fiancee's finger. You and Christa were silently sobbing with happiness while Armin, Jean, and Marco exchanged wide grins at the thought of a brother-in-law. You looked to Levi who still had the surprise look on his face. He wasn't staring at Mikasa and Eren anymore, but just rather staring off into space. He snapped out of his trance before faintly smiling. 
"And Mr. Ackerman, I can only hope that you give me your full trust. I vow as a man, to take care of her and put her needs before my own." 

"Well have my well as my blessing." 

Eren smiled widely before a shocked look adorned his joyful features. 

"Wait what?" Everyone asked simultaneously and looked at Levi who only rolled his eyes. 

"Who are you and what have you done to our dad?" Marco asked surprised. 

"I said you have my respect and my blessing you shitty idiot." 

"There he is!" Christa cheered making everyone laugh.

After dinner, you and your daughter's were on the patio talking about wedding plans. While Levi and the boys were in Levi's study. 

"You better take care of our sister." Jean threatened. 

"Shut it you stupid eleven year old." Eren whispered to Jean before the two engaged in making ugly faces at each other. 

"Oi, shitheads! Quit fucking around!"  Levi snapped before taking a seat at his desk. 

"Jaeger, I hope you know that marriage is a big responsibility and a lifetime commitment... I don't want my daughter calling me and her mother about you hurting her in any way. Do I make myself clear?" 

"Yes sir."  

"...You be good to her....Eren." Eren's eyes widened a little bit at the sound of Levi calling him by his first name. He smiled gently at Levi who returned the favor. 

"Guess this means I get to call you dad." 

"Fuck no. It's still Mr.Ackerman  to you. Just cause your marrying my daughter doesn't mean you get to drop the honorifics, you little shit. But anyway...when do you two plan on tying the knot?" Levi asked with a soft tone. 

"Well...Mikasa always told me that she loved the month of I guess, sometime during that month." Levi raised a brow before Eren quickly added, "After we graduate and get everything settled." 

"May huh? Funny, that's her mother's favorite month too. And it's also the month that we got married." 

"Well sir...maybe we could start a tradition." Eren said lowly, slightly frightened about Levi's response. 

"That doesn't sound half bad." He said getting up and walking towards the door, his sons following after. 

"Come on Eren." Levi said with a slight smile on his face. 

Just because Eren and Mikasa were engaged as of now, that didn't mean that they got to sleep together. Levi is still a little pissed about he and Mikasa playing in their birthday suits while you and him weren't at home. So your new son, slept comfortably in the guest bedroom. You exited your bathroom to find that your bed was barren with no sign of Levi being in it. You knew where he was. He's been doing this since Mikasa graduated highschool. You walked downstairs and into the family room and watched silently as Levi looked through the Ackerman family photo album. You sat down next to him and wrapped an arm around his waist.

"This is starting to get full." He added. 

"You are something." 

"How? Cause I finally accepted the fact that our daughter is getting married?" 

"A little. That sudden change of heart really made Mikki's day." 

"I know." 

"Levi... Did you just accept Eren for the-" 

"No. She's my little girl. I wouldn't lie to her about anything." 

"You lied to her about the tooth fairy and Santa Claus." 

"That's different. And stop getting off topic woman. I told you before that I'd do anything to make my girls happy." 

"You definitely made her happy Levi. You made me happy too." 


"Because you stopped being a stubborn ass and finally accepted that this is what your daughter wanted." 
"Tch...whatever, brat." 

You and Levi continued to look through the photo album, agreeing to buy a new one so that you and your family can fill it with new precious memories and start new traditions.
Here it is!! A little more daddy Levi fluff! Oh and for those who don't understand, 

'Well seasoned' means getting older. A little term that I overheard my parents use when they talk about their age. 
Enjoy!Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] 
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happyhappymacaroon Featured By Owner May 11, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
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Oh gosh!!! Marco and Jean are my two little boys!? That's so cute!!! I would smother them with love and with armin and Christa's as added bonuses YEAH!!!! Love this fanfic
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Shootinglove14 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This is so beautiful! AI love this series. However, it would be nice if you focused more on the other kids like Armin, Marco, and Jean. I noticed that they're really Mikasa-centric. I hope I didn't sound rude. :L
Levisbooty Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
No, I completely understand! The others do need to be a little more recognized :)
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